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Systems for extending the height of existing piles were previously not available on the market. To address this need, Composite Structural Systems, LLC (CSS) has developed a system to allow for piles to be extended, providing structural support without additional corrosion and maintenance concerns.

We provide two complete patent pending system alternatives, Pile Cap Extension Collars and Pile Splice for existing pilings. These two alternatives allow a home to be raised by up to 6 feet with proper lateral support. Additional heights are available on a case by case basis. Shown on our product specification page is our Piling Extension system, which connects to the top of the existing pile. The system is modular and can be cut to meet specific needs of the home.

Our Patent pending piling system has been designed to withstand the corrosive environment of beach communities. The salt water and windblown sand corrodes unprotected materials, and yes, even stainless steel. Our system utilizes a high strength glass fiber material that is corrosion resistant from salt water and is UV resistant. The system is designed for use in three installation conditions: raising a house on existing pilings, repairing damaged pilings, and for connecting new pilings to floor joists in new construction. The system exceeds FEMAs Class 5 material classification as outlined in the technical brief -Flood Damage-Resistant Materials Requirements for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program-, Technical Bulletin 2 August 2008.




A house on pilings can be raised by disconnecting the house from the pilings, raise the house to create work area, cut all of the piles to a preset elevation, and install the Collar on the piling.

The standard practice for connecting pilings to floor joists is to notch the pilings and bolt the joists to the pilings. This method dramatically reduces the strength of the pilings do to reduced cross sectional area at the connection point.

A 36" section of Collar can be installed onto an existing piling and a new section can be placed on top, with 18" of the Collar covering the top of the existing and 18" covering the bottom of the new piling.

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